Victor DC450 Sit/Stand FAQ's

A.Hello, there are 2 rubber bumpers on the underside of the work surface. If you feel the work surface is too high off the desk when lowered, try twisting the bumpers down to the lowest setting to allow the work surface closer to the desk. 
Q. If I buy a DC450 and decide to only mount one monitor, can it be mounted in the center of the vertical beam or must it be offset to left or right?
A. There is no way to mount a single monitor on the center tower for a DC450. It would have to be on the right or left side. If you only plan to use one monitor, the DC400 Single monitor desk converter would be a better option. This comes with the correct bracket for center mounting.
Q. I already have a raised keyboard. Is the platform removable? Will the raised monitor feature work without the keyboard/mouse platform?
A. The keyboard/mouse platform can be removed leaving just the monitor mounts to move up and down. 
Q. What if my monitors can't attach to the brackets? Is there an adapter?
A. The DC450 comes with two VESA brackets which is the industry standard for monitor mounting. To tell if your monitor is VESA compatible, there will be four screw holes in the shape of a square on the back on the monitor. Some manufactures cover these with a panel if not in use. There are after market adapters to make a monitor VESA compatible if they are not. You will have to find the adapter made for your specific model of monitor. If you are unsure, contact you monitor manufacturer. They would be able to tell you if it's VESA compatible and, if not, what adapter will work best.
Q. Is it easy to adjust the monitors up and down independently of the desk?
A. Very easy....just twist the knob for the monitor to go up and down. 
Q. Specs say it holds two monitors up to 25” wide. A "25 inch" monitor is physically about 21" wide. What is max physical dimensions this can hold?
A. Yes. The maximum width is 25 inches which will typically accommodate a 27-inch diagonal monitor. There is no maximum height.
Q. Is it possible to use a 220volt on the desk?
A. No, a converter would be required to convert the voltage down to 110 Volt. 
A. The monitor are mounted on a Vesa bracket which allows full 360" rotation and left to right panning, but they cannot be pulled closer or move back from the user. If you stand directly against the edge of the work surface, the monitors are approximately 18" away. Ideal ergonomic placement of the monitors is 20" away from the face.